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Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Care: A Closer Look


During childhood, our parents tend to go above and beyond to provide a healthy, safe, and stable environment for us. As you get older, you may notice that your parents or other family members start to slow down. They may need more help than usual and behave differently. Here, we discuss the signs that your loved one may need homecare in Lancaster, California:

  • Changes in appearance and personality. Changes in physical appearance and behavior can indicate your loved one may require senior assistance. You may notice these changes in the form of poor personal hygiene, poor diet, extreme weight gain or loss, and an unkempt appearance. This may signify a decline in functional abilities. Loneliness, depression, and personality changes like mood swings and loss of interest in activities may also indicate a need for additional help.
  • Inability to perform daily tasks. Is your loved one no longer able to perform day-to-day tasks independently? They may need clarification when performing once-familiar tasks like preparing meals or looking after their hygiene. When this happens, your loved one can benefit from receiving supportive and dignified companion care in California.
  • Problems with memory and forgetfulness. Forgetfulness and behaviors associated with memory loss can be a big sign that additional help is necessary. Your loved one may have difficulty keeping up with medical appointments, bills, and taking their medications. To ensure safety and gain peace of mind, it’s worth considering enlisting additional help.

Here at Ivy Elite Care LLC, we deliver high-quality home care support and dementia care in California. Our dedicated caregivers are available to look after your loved one’s needs during the golden years. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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