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Aging in Place: Tips to Increase Safety at Home


Today, more seniors see the value of aging in place, with the vast majority of older adults preferring to live in their homes for as long as possible. However, living independently at home can increase the risk of falls and injuries. Our homes should continue to be a place where we feel safe, comfortable, and secure. As a trusted provider of dementia care in California, we will share tips to increase home safety for seniors:

  • Set up an emergency alert system.
    Having processes in place will ensure your loved one receives help in the event of an accident. A home security system increases safety, while a medical alert device helps give seniors a stronger sense of independence and security. In addition to homemaking, caregivers should have a list of emergency contacts as well, such as healthcare providers and family members.
  • Improve the lighting.
    Poor lighting can be a hazard for seniors with poor eyesight and mobility problems. Consider replacing current bulbs with LED bulbs with higher brightness in rooms that require more lighting. Dimmer switches can be more comfortable for seniors with cataracts and other eye issues. Motion-detection lights can also light up pathways at night.
  • Arrange professional help.
    To gain peace of mind and ensure your loved one’s needs are met, consider arranging companion care in California. An in-home caregiver can deliver practical assistance with activities of daily living while bringing warm companionship. This includes accompanying seniors to social events, assisting with long-distance communication, and linkage to community resources.

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