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Take a break from shouldering your duties.

Toxic productivity revolves around a person’s unyielding and detrimental desire to consistently produce work outcomes at the cost of other aspects— such as their health. In the case of caregiving, this culture is especially apparent to caregivers who provide care for their loved ones. If you are one of those caregivers who recently noticed the tell-tale signs of toxic productivity, we encourage you to seek our respite care program. At Ivy Elite Care LLC, we diminish any hints of guilt by helping you discuss this program with the loved one you’re caring for. You can entrust your family while you take the time to focus on yourself and replenish your energy. Unlike most of the programs we offer, respite care is only temporary, but we’ll still ensure to create a lasting impact on our client’s life.

We highly advise our prospects to seek our respite care program once they exhibit signs of:

  • Irritability and heightened emotions (usually anger);
  • Performing constant mistakes in caregiving;
  • Sleep deprivation and fatigue;
  • Severe burnout and social withdrawal;
  • And vulnerability in their immune system.

Our respite care program is also ideal for family caregivers who plan to pursue an escapade out of the town/ country. Whatever your reason may be, our staff will readily care for your loved ones in your stead. You may speak with our care professionals whenever you need our support.